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Today Is The Day

In so many patient visits, between discussing digestion habits and quantifying stress levels, we hear, "oh, and I think we want to try for a baby sometime soon." "Great!", we say. "We can definitely help with that."

When is the best time to start preparing for conception? TODAY. Don't want kids for another few years? Yes, the answer is still today.

If you're thinking, "why"? I want to ask you, "why not?" If you're hoping to make a delicious, out-of-this-world cake for a weekend trip to the coast, wouldn't you like to make a list of all the ingredients you need? Mindfully get everything on your list from the grocery store? Set aside time to prepare the ingredients, mix, sift, stir and pour? Basically, there is a processes to everything and the more involved we are, especially in the important ones (like bringing life into the world!) the more positive outcomes will be.

Now is the time to make a plan on when you'll discontinue hormonal birth control.

Now is the time to clean up your and your partner's food choices, preferring organic foods at the store and decreasing alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Now is the time to address any digestive complaints that may feel "normal" to you.

Now is the time to tap into healthful sleeping routines.

Now is the time to dabble in effective tools for stress management.

Now is the time to take a vacation!

Now is the time to optimize your and your partner's health.

Re-read that last point there -- your and your partner's health. Remember ladies, your partner is 50% of the picture here. Traditionally the partner who won't be doing the whole growing a fetus for 9 months thing is far less aware of their importance in the whole picture of childbearing. But, your future child(ren) will begin as a healthy sperm cell + healthy egg cell to make a healthy bundle of cells and then a baby. The health of the terrain (body) of each parent is so important. It takes 3 months to ripen and mature an egg to be released from an ovary. Similarly, it takes 3 months to grow and develop a healthy sperm. See what nature did there? It's a partnership.

What it really begins with is taking those first few steps toward optimizing your health and the health of your partner, which will truly be a positive change regardless of if/when you're thinking of growing a family!

Schedule a time to be assessed for your preconception plan with your primary care doctor, naturopath or other trusted health professional who may help you navigate optimizing your health!

To your optimal health,

Dr. Curtiss & Dr. Stang

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